Happy Earth Day! I love Earth Day because it reminds us of how lucky we are to live on this beautiful planet and how important it is to take care of our home. How incredible that every single person on this earth has this one thing in common.

I had an insightful conversation with my 6 y/o last night. Her class had just read The Lorax a few days before and they had discussed the impact humans have on the earth. As she snuggled into bed she asked, “So, Mommy, what would the earth be like if people weren’t here?”  This was apparently a rhetorical question as she then proceeded to tell me exactly what she thought the earth would be like.

“There would be only trees, no houses, because people make houses and they chop down trees. There would be some clouds,but they will all be white and fluffy because there would be no pollution. There would be lots of water and it would be clean, no gucky stuff and there would be lots of fish.” She paused and thought for a minute. “But Mommy, would there be animals?”          “Yes,” I responded,”because humans don’t make animals.”                                                              “Oh right, Mother Nature makes animals”.  Then we had another whole discussion about what Mother Nature looks like. All very amusing I assure you.

It was quite a fascinating conversation. She had obviously really taken the lessons from The Lorax to heart. I then decided to take advantage of this opportunity to talk about how humans can help to protect the environment and cause less harm. Here are some of the things that we discovered that we already do in our house to help:

  • We compost EVERYTHING that can be composted, including kleenex and paper towels (we keep and extra compost bin upstairs as well as the kitchen)
  • Recycling goes without saying, right?!?
  • We walk or bike whenever we can. My partner works from home most of the time and carpools whenever he goes in to the office.
  • Litterless lunches (we use washable containers for food and drink)
  • My daughter reminded me that we also use GOOS paper (Good On One Side) for her and her sisters to draw on. Whenever memos come home from school we read them and then into the pile they go.
  • In the summer we eat food from our garden and shop at Farmers Markets so that less food needs to be imported from other countries.
  • It’s clothesline season from May-October so we don’t have to use the Dryer anymore than necessary.

We googled more ideas on how we can help the environment and agreed to make some Earth Day Resolutions.  Here they are:

  • To start an indoor compost.  I’m a little skeptical, but it sounds like a great idea and they promise on the website that it won’t smell!
  • I promise to be more mindful of the food we buy. We already shop at farmers markets in the spring, summer and fall, but I also mean to research community share agriculture. That means yummy local foods that haven’t traveled farther than I have to get here. We used to order a box from PlanB farms and I think we might do that again.
  • My three girls have promised to pay more attention to toilet paper use. Hmmm, maybe they have been listening as I lecture them at the bathroom door when i find a line of toilet paper longer than their arm hanging out of the toilet. Yes, girls can be gross too!
  • We have all promised to use less water, turn out lights when we aren’t in the room and remember to unplug electronics and appliances when we’re not using them.

My daughter and I made a pact and I intend to keep it. I hope someday she makes a pact with her children and then maybe they will make a pact with their children. I’m afraid taking care of the environment will always take hard work on our part, but it will always be worth it.

What will your Earth Day Resolutions be?

With much love and kindness,


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