I witnessed a lovely Random Act of Kindness yesterday.

I was standing in line at the grocery store behind an older gentleman in a motorized shopping cart. The woman in front of him was just finishing up bagging her groceries while the gentleman’s groceries were being checked through. She could see that he was going to have trouble bagging his own groceries as the motorized cart that he was sitting in was lower than the counter.  She politely offered to bag his groceries for him and he gratefully accepted. They went on to have a very amusing and animated conversation while she helped him fill the bags with his groceries.

It was such a lovely, kind gesture that it made me feel so good. In fact, it felt like it was me that she was helping. Maybe, in a way, she was. Simply witnessing her kindness reminded me of the goodness that surrounds us everyday. Sometimes I get caught up in my own life and the challenges that go along with running a household and getting three girls to activities on time, that I forget to take a look around every once in a while. I can get caught up in ‘Me Syndrome’. You know, when you feel like I have to get this done, I am in a hurry, MY problems are bigger than everyone else’s.  Watching this woman help this stranger made me realize that even just witnessing an act of kindness can have a profound effect on us. I felt a shift in the air as if what she did actually added love and kindness to the surrounding area. Maybe that sounds strange, but what if we think of the whole universe as having it’s own bucket that need filling?

Some days it feels like that bucket is empty.  Stories of rape, murder, genital mutilation, and genocide can make us feel hopeless, like these horrors are too big to do anything about. This is when I feel like the Universal bucket is empty. There is good news, though: Each Act of Kindness begins to fill this bucket again. We must never give up! Those brave people who fight against tyranny and oppression are filling the bucket of the universe. Each smile, each small gesture of kindness towards another living being fills this bucket.  We all have a responsibility to the Universal bucket.

When that woman helped that gentleman, she probably had no idea that she was helping me as well.  I’d like to send my gratitude to her and all people who fight the good fight for love and kindness in the world.  Peace.


With much Love and Kindness,



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