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What if everyone was nice to each other just for one day?  What would it look like?

As I write this, the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is playing over and over in my head.

I think the world would slow down.  There would be less traffic on the roads because people would be spending quality time with the people they care about.  The people who are in their cars would be patient because ‘what is the hurry, really?’   Maybe there is a car at a stop sign, patiently waiting for the lovely woman with her walker to cross the street.  The woman waves at the nice young man in the car.  He might even jump out to help, anticipating the trouble the older woman will have when she gets to the curb.  Walking downtown or in the busy shopping malls, everyone will say ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ as they pass one another.  Everyone is considered a friend you just haven’t met yet.

Two children convince their parents to let their Grandfather live with them.  Since being admitted to the nursing home, he has been having flashbacks from his time in the concentration camps and has been acting very different from the Grandfather they once knew.  With help and in-home care, the children know he will be happier.

A wealthy woman, who has just spent the last eight years of her life designing, building and decorating her 40, 000 square foot estate, has decided to make it into an orphanage and hires teachers and caregivers to help run it.

The veteran hockey player embraces his young teammate after the young man confides in him that he is gay.  Surprised by the reaction, the young player says “Aren’t you worried the other players will think you’re gay?”  “Why would that bother me?  I’m just glad you felt comfortable enough to tell me”.  Together they tell the rest of the team and that night they play the best game of their lives, as a team.

The Pope in Rome, opens the Vatican to religious leaders around the world to talk about the common themes that are found in each of their teachings.  They go out for a bite to eat afterwards, walking arm in arm like old friends.*  The Vatican then sells off its ornate gold decorations to fund a homeless program that spans the globe.

The husband will put down his smartphone, the wife will put down her iPad and they will look into each other’s eyes while they talk.  The eyes are the window to the soul, and when two people who love each other can see what is in each other’s soul, they are understanding each other and in understanding comes compassion and in compassion comes deeper love.

As you are reading this, if you are thinking ‘Yeah right, that will never happen.’, I challenge you to start looking around you, be mindful, notice the good that is already in this world and maybe even take note of how it can be better.  Be the pebble that starts the ripples in the pond.  It can start with saying ‘Yeah, I can picture it.’


This is only the beginning of what I picture Universal Kindness to be, but, for me, it needs to start somewhere.  This blog will be my avenue to express my thoughts and my research into the discovery of the meaning of Universal Kindness.  I will post my observations of everyday life, popular culture, religion and anything and everything that inspires me!  What inspires you?  Please share your ideas and experiences with kindness and share this blog with your friends and friends you have not yet met :)

With much love and kindness,


You will notice most posts will be inspired by music or books.  Sometimes a song will be running through my mind and sometimes a book will inspire a whole new idea.  Either way, I will let you know because I always think it helps to get into someone’s head, to know where their ideas are coming from :)

* The idea for the religious leaders walking arm in arm comes from Mitch Albom’s lovely book ‘have a little faith’.  It’s a wonderfully honest exploration of his faith with all of his doubts and realizations.

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