snow day

Yesterday was a snow day. A real, honest to goodness, no buses, school closed, “no way I’m driving in that”, SNOW DAY.

Is it just me or are snow days a little bit like Christmas?
We got up early to look outside to see if a lot of white stuff had been left for us while we slept. We spent the whole day with our family, playing in the snow, making hot chocolate, playing cozy indoor games.
It’s like a ‘free’ day. Like a gift. “We can’t go anywhere because we’re
snowed in.” What a great excuse to enjoy the day. We had no commitments because everything had been cancelled. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. It’s unheard of in this fast paced world of work, appointments, kids activities etc.

No Rush.

I think maybe I loved this snow day even more than I loved them as a kid.  Well…maybe I just appreciated it more. As a kid, I was so happy to miss school, I played outside with my siblings all day without arguing once…well, not as much at least :)   Yesterday, it was the same for my children, except I got to be on the inside looking out at them enjoying each other’s company with no time restraints, no stress.  It was a joy to watch.

I wish there was a way that everyday could be a ‘snow day’, but I guess it’s the daily grind that makes us appreciate the snow day. Maybe, we could give ourselves the gift of our very own snow day, anytime of the year. We could set aside a day where we have no commitments and just spend it together. No need to go on a vacation anywhere, it’s all in our mindset.  It might be a good start to make the world a kinder, happier place.

Life is wonderful!  I hope we can all learn to make our own ‘snow day’ every once in a while :)

With much Love and Kindness,


  1. Nira Shah says:

    Heather all your ideas are worth reading about! This one about the snow day is so right, it is like a free day! Everything’s cancelled so we are free to do what we like! Our favourite part is the home movie and popcorn! Thanks for sharing, Nira

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